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Partner with a U.S. based precious metals firm offering an affiliate program that gets you paid helping families acquire silver & gold.


Earn BIG Profits!

Sell 20 Silver Coins Earn $20, Sell 500 Earn $500! As a partner you access “At-Cost” pricing for your personal purchases!


Earn $500 per Mint Case
Earn $20 per 20 Coin Tube

A partnership with Mintbuilder is very lucrative for those that take the opportunity seriously. For example we offer $1 for every 1 ounce piece of silver bullion sold to your clients.

The process is simple…

  • You refer the client.
    You make the referral, we do the rest!
  • We process the order.
  • We ship direct to your client.
  • You get paid!
    We pay daily! Make a referral today, get paid tomorrow!


Mintbuilder offers Gold & Silver Bullion at very competitive prices. As a partner you access “At-Cost” pricing and earn the difference between your buy price and the sell price. This is called THE SPREAD.

Mintbuilder only offers Coins, Rounds and Bars from the most recognized and respected mints in the world.

This is Bullion ... offers Gold & Silver Bullion at extremely competitive prices and sells rounds and bars of only finest quality. 24 Karat Gold and .999 pure Silver. You can save even more money by becoming a Affiliate Member and access our members only pricing on all our products including Gold & Silver Bullion at company cost.
  • Highest Quality Only 24 Karat Gold & .999 Pure Silver only supplies only the finest quality precious metals so that you can be assured of value & quality every time.
  • Coins, Bars & Rounds ... It's your choice
    We carry a wide range of uncirculated coins and rounds and many sizes of bars to suit all budgets and requirements.
  • No Minimum Order
    With you can buy as much or as little Bullion you want, when you want. You're in control.
  • Unmarked Packaging
    All Mint Coins and Bullion are sent directly to you in plain packaging so as not to draw attention to the contents.

The Purest Gold at 24 Karat Prices!

24 KARAT GOLD ... at astonishing prices!

We only sell pure 24 Karat Gold Bullion rounds and bars but we sell at incredibly low prices (even our retail prices are lower than most other suppliers!).

This means that when you buy Gold Bullion from MintBuilder you can be assured that you'll receive only the finest Gold sourced from only the best mints in the world.


Pure Silver Bars & Rounds At Cost Prices!

.999 Pure Silver - The Perfect Asset!

MintBuilder provides Silver Bullion bars & rounds at staggering prices! There's no minimum order and it is shipped discreetly to you.

From 1oz uncirculated Silver Eagles, to Britannias and Bars of various sizes, MintBuilder has all your Silver Bullion needs covered. Only the purest Silver is supplied direct to you.


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