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MintBuilder.com is the ONLY opportunity that brings together valuable Fine Mint Coins, Gold & Silver Bullion and Bitcoin. Watch the video to find out how others are also 'Making A Mint' with MintBuilder.com


You Can Change Everything!... Offering Fine Mint Coins Plus Gold & Silver At Discount Prices...

MintBuilder.com is the first (and only) company in the world to bring Fine Mint Coins, Gold & Silver Bullion & Bitcoin together into an affordable, simple business with a global audience that anyone can run from the comfort of their own home.

1 Simple Business...
Multiple Revenue Streams!

1 Simple Business...
Multiple Revenue Streams!

Only MintBuilder.com offers you all these revenue streams:-

  • Retail Sales (you keep 100% of the profits!)
  • Retail Bullion for BIG Profits!
    Sell 20 Silver Coins Earn $20, Sell 500 Earn $500!
  • Team Sales - profit from all your teams sales too!
  • New Memberships - gain even more income points!
  • Build your own 'Mint' with Fine Mint Coins & Bullion
  • Get paid in Currency or Bitcoin (Profit from Bitcoin)
  • PLUS - MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on Mint Coins & Bullion!

Join us today and start getting paid - TOMORROW!


Earn up to $12,000 Per Week

Our 'Mint Builders' can earn up to $12,000 per week in daily cycle commissions. Download our compensation plan to find out how.

3 Simple steps to gaining wealth & income ...

Download our compensation plan and watch the video to discover how MintBuilder.com is helping ordinary people like you earn extraordinary incomes from home while helping them to build wealth through Fine Mint Coins, Bullion & even Bitcoin.

  • Collect Fine Mint Coins
    Collect Fine Mint Coins each month to build your long term wealth. It's a fact that had you bought just one Mint Coin per month since 1986 you would have a collection that's 'Worth A Mint', well, over $1,000,000 to be exact.

  • Introduce New Affiliates & Customers
    By introducing new Affiliates & Customers 'Mint Builders' earn ongoing residual commissions on all purchases from their own retail customers and on the qualifying purchases of all the Affiliates they have introduced to MintBuilder.com

  • Get paid in Currency or Bitcoin
    In todays' world the rise of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have changed the way we use money. MintBuilder.com is ahead of the curve and accepts Bitcoin for all purchases and even pays commissions in Currency or Bitcoin. You Choose!
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What Some Of Our Global "Mint Builders" Say ...

MintBuilder.com is a truly Global Opportunity! Read what just some of our team have to say about how they are building their BITCOIN income and personal wealth with MintBuilder.com - why not join the team today?

I've been in the Network Marketing Industry for around 30 years and when I was shown MintBuilder I was just blown away! I understood the power of owning Fine Mint Coins along with Gold & Silver Bullion but the fact that MintBuilder adds Bitcoin into that mix makes it an incredible opportunity which allows anyone to secure their financial future with assets, profit from the growth of Bitcoin and earn a fantastic income too!

Ray S. UK
MInt Builder

I have been heavily Involved in the Financial Industry as a Financial Planner and CEO for over 20 years. One of my passions is helping people Protect and Grow their Money. Mint Builder provides  an incredible opportunity to own Gold and Silver at True Wholesale Prices with the option of a unique Referral program. Additionally Mint Builder comes from a  long history of helping people. Mintbuilder is my #1 recommendation!

Bill C. USA
Mint Builder

As a top producer in the precious metals and crypto currency sector I saw a need for a bridge between them. MintBuilder is the 1st platform to offer a tangible and safe way to enter the gold and silver market while enabling anyone to get paid in Bitcoin at the same time! The system is simple, affordable, and pays up to $12,000 per week. There truly is no excuse to not earn big with Mintbuilder! Start Today!

Adam D. USA
Mint Builder

There are a few reasons why I joined Mint Builder the moment I saw it. Firstly, the leadership, second, the structure, but overall the main reason I got involved is because this company will be very disruptive.  This means this company is already proving to be innovative and ground- breaking as it is the first company, in the history of home based businesses, to bring together Silver, Gold, and Bitcoin, on one platform.

Darrell P. USA
Mint Builder

As a top network marketer in the industry and a recognised professional in the Cryptocurrency and Silver/Gold space, Mintbuilder offers anyone the opportunity to capitalize on the two greatest trends in human history.  The unmatched stability of Silver and Gold mixed with the hottest trend in our lives today called Bitcoin! MintBuilder has the formula for the most exciting company to ever hit MLM!

Peter O. USA
Mint Builder

MintBuilder is the answer for my collegiate students worldwide! With its unique bitcoin daily payment option it’s virtually unheard of in the industry! This coupled with building your own personal mint made up of valuable, tangible Fine Mint Coins and Gols & Silver Bullion is the answer for all serious entrepreneurs! This is just the beginning and this will be massive so don't delay register into MintBuilder TODAY!

Kirk Anthony F. USA
Mint Builder

For some years I now have been investing in graded silver coins and silver bullion  from one company and bitcoin from another company.  I have chosen MintBuilder.com because now can I combine my silver and bitcoin investments in the same company. The best thing is that there is no contract so I can change my investments from month to month and the wholesale price is amazing.

Evalotta. Sweden
Mint Builder

I have been embroiled in the cryptocurrency world since its inception. Finally, I now have the opportunity to see the two worlds of Gold & Silver Bullion and Bitcoin collide in symbiotic unison, which is the the next generation platform I've been anticipating would one day exist. I am so thrilled to be part of MintBuilder and I'm really excited to get up and running, building teams and growing my portfolio.

Paul S. USA
Mint Builder

Having been introduced to MintBuilder by a friend I was stunned as to why nobody had thought to bring Mint Coins, Bullion and Bitcoin together so I joined right away. I now have a rapidly expanding team in a number of countries and the products are just great. I know that this is going to change my wealth and my lifestyle and secure the future for myself and my family. If you're not already in then you're missing out!.

Tom A. Switzerland
Mint Builder

You're in control, Wherever you are ...

In today's connected world MintBuilder.com allows you to build your wealth and your business wherever you are! All MintBuilder.com Affiliates get their own dedicated back-office system which allows you to completely track, manage and promote your business from one easy to access, secure system.

Your own fully featured back-office to help you track & manage your sales, team & income ...

Built for Tomorrows Mobile World Today!

Your MintBuilder.com website is coded to the latest standards and displays beautifully on all mobile devices of any size or platform.

This maximizes your reach and means that you can promote your MintBuilder.com business right from your mobile deive to any other mobile device anywhere in  the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MintBuilder.com?

MintBuilder.com is both a great way to save by acquiring Fine Mint Coins and Gold & Silver Bullion assets to protect your familys' wealth. MintBuilder.com is also a great way to earn a residual income from home without risking your current employment or income. In fact, with MintBuilder.com you may even be able to fire your boss and give your family the lifestyle that they, and you, deserve.

What is the purity of the Gold & Silver MintBuilder.com sells?

MintBuilder.com only sells the purest and highest quality Silver, this is marked as .999 PURE SILVER. Additionally we only sell 24 KARAT PURE GOLD (also known as 'Fine Gold'). So whether you are a Retail Customer or an Affiliate Member you can be assured that you are getting the purest and finest products at the most amazing prices. (Even more amazing if you're an Affiliate Member).

What is a 'Retail Customer'?

Within MintBuilder there are two types of 'customer'. Retail Customers simply buy Fine Mint Coins and Gold & Silver Bullion from any website belonging to one of our 'Affiliate Members' (just like the site you're on now). Affiliate Members keep 100% of the profits made when anyone purchases products from their website and MintBuilder.com handles all the transaction, shipping and commissions tracking. Retail Customers pay 'Retail Prices' on all products and do not have access to 'Membership Pricing' on Fine Mint Coins nor can they earn commissions from MintBuilder.com.

What is an 'Affiliate Member'?

MintBuilder.com allows anyone to become an Affiliate Member for a small 'Lifetime Membership Fee', it's a bit like joining a 'buying club'. Affiliate Members are able to introduce both Retail Customers and new Affiliate Members to MintBuilder.com. Affiliate Members each have a beautiful, fully e-commerce website (just like this one) and they are eligible to earn both retail commissions and commissions made when any member of their team also sells a product.

Can I access at company cost bullion pricing without joining MintBuilder.com?

Unfortunately not, in order to access the amazing savings enjoyed by our members you must become a MintBuilder.com Member yourself.

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What is the cost to join MintBuilder.com as an Affiliate Member?

To become a MintBuilder.com Affiliate Member we have a one-time 'Lifetime Membership Fee' of just $99 plus your choice of our Auto-Asset Options starting at just $99. In addition members access members only pricing on Fine Mint Coins and at company cost pricing on Gold & Silver bullion, MintBuilder.com Affiliates also get a beautiful, fully e-commerce website (just like this one) and a fully operational back-office that tracks all their sales and commissions automatically. Plus much much more.

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Do I have to buy a product every month as an Affiliate Member?

There are a couple of ways to qualify for commissions every month as an Affiliate Member.

You can meet your Personal Mint Points requirement with either the purchase of an Auto-Asset option or with personal purchases or sales to Customers of items in the shop that have a cumulative total of 10 Mint Points minimum in each 30 day period.

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How quickly can I be up and running?

Once you have registered to become a MintBuilder.com Affiliate Member you will up and running instantly. Your login details for your back-office and your website URL will be emailed to you as soon as you have completed the registration.

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Do I have to handle orders, money, stock and deliveries?

No! MintBuilder.com does EVERYTHING for you. Any time anyone in your team places an order or whenever anyone places a retail order through your MintBuilder.com website our team here at MintBuilder.com HQ swing into action and take care of everything from taking your customers payments, packing and shipping the order and commissions are added to your back-office account daily.

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How fast can I get paid with MintBuilder.com?

VERY FAST! in reality you could be up and running, earning commissions and profits today and due to our super-fast DAILY PAYOUT you could be paid ... TOMORROW!

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Can I get paid in Bitcoin?

Absolutely ... YES! MintBuilder.com is technologically advanced company and we have integrated Bitcoin right into our infrastructure. So if you're a 'Crypto' user and looking for an opportunity where you can not only acquire Fine Mint Coins and Gold & Silver Bullion but also want to get paid in Bitcoin then MintBuilder.com is the ONLY opportunity on the internet today that offers you all THREE of these elements in one simple business.

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OK! I'm in ... How do I get started?

Fantastic! It's great to have you with us. In order to get started simply click the button below that says 'Register Now'. Complete the short registration form, select your start-up option and once your payment is processed (instantly) you'll get emails containing your back-office login credentials and your own URL to your own business building, e-commerce enabled website (exactly like this one).

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