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Frequently Asked Questions

Your order is sent out between 1-5 business days of ordering. The delivery time depends on your location. Our shipping warehouse is in Florida and we expedite handling to ensure your order is off in the mail ASAP. As demand in other countries increases we will open more shipping centers to ensure the quickest shipping possible.

To purchase any products simply go to BUY NOW and purchase any products you wish. If you would like to receive our WHOLESALE SHOP pricing you simply purchase one of the following Subscription Bundles first and then you will have unlimited Wholesale Shop access. Any of these Subscriptions will give you access...

  • Silver Piece Bundle
  • Around The World Bundle
  • The Select Few Bundle
  • Global Elite Bundle
  • Member Platform

These subscriptions will give you access to some of the best wholesale pricing anywhere on all of our products such as BULLION, COLLECTIBLES as well as ALL of our products.

The coins and bars you buy from a coin shop or precious metals broker such as MintBuilder cost more than the spot price, since there are several layers of costs and price markups that go into the production, distribution, and selling of bullion. Companies involved in the process must account for their operational costs and then mark up the prices they charge in order to make a profit. The four main layers are mining, minting, wholesale, and retail. Generally speaking, to turn raw gold from the earth into bullion, the gold is mined out of the ground, made into coins and bars by government mints (such as the United States Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint) or private companies (such as PAMP or Johnson Matthey), purchased in bulk by wholesalers, sold by wholesalers to retail gold dealers or brokers, and then sold to consumers. This series of incremental cost increases and price markups that go into the supply and distribution chain is a market mechanism present in virtually every industry in existence, from auto parts to food. And that, concisely, is why precious metal dealers and brokers do not charge the spot price. With that being said here at MintBuilder we sell all of our bullion at our cost with no profit to enable the average buyer to purchase at TRUE WHOLESALE instead of the typical retail prices. This is a huge benefit of purchasing a subscription with us.

We've provided two perfect solutions for you! MintBuilder is unlike most precious metals dealers out there that sell at one price and buy back at a far lower price... we actually have a buy back *promise that allows you to sell your products back to us for the CURRENT selling price. You heard that correctly, while virtually every company has a sell and a buy price (which is far lower) we have a sell and buy price that is the same. We believe in the products we sell and the prices we offer them for so much that we make sure you have absolutely zero risk when buying from us. You could potentially make profit selling back to us when the market rises. You will not find this buy back PEACE OF MIND anywhere else!

The second method is with our Open Vault Resale Shop™. We have created a member resale store front providing our members with access to the entire MintBuilder memebership. The Open Vault Resale Shop allows any member to turn their silver and gold into cash while providing more great deals for all MintBuilder members.  

*We reserve the right to reject product that is not 100% resalable or is no longer carried in stock.

There are hundreds if not thousands of precious metals dealers and most of them sell at retail prices. As a MintBuilder Member you will find a "Compare" price listed on our products. MintBuilder works very thoroughly on gathering up the best prices in the market place for each product that we carry and we list the next lowest price average closest to ours. The great thing about silver and gold coins is that you can research the price yourself online and that's why we made it easy for you so you can buy from us with confidence knowing you are getting the best assets at TRUE WHOLESALE prices as a Member. Besides the occasional flash sale of a Loss Leaders bullion product from other companies we *guarantee to be the lowest price. If you find one lower let us know and we will beat it. Cheers to building true wealth!

Yes absolutely! We know one of the most annoying things when getting on a subscription is to have to jump through hoops and hurdles to cancel it. Companies believe that if they make it hard to cancel then the customer will just stay on the subscription... while this may be true for some we believe that our members will genuinely enjoy the benefits of our subscriptions and WANT to stay on them. If for some reason a member needs to cancel we have made it super simple. Just login to your account and press the "Cancel Subscription" button. 

By purchasing any of the following Subscriptions you will have full access to our Income Platform allowing you to generate recurring earnings...

  • Member Platform
  • Silver Piece Bundle
  • Around The World Bundle
  • The Select Few Bundle
  • Global Elite Bundle 

Click the "Earn $" button at the top of the website to see the details of what you can earn. With MintBuilder it is simple... just refer others to save real assets and you earn an income.

We are currently shipping to the following countries;

  • Aurba
  • Australia
  • Austria
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  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
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  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
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  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Papua New Guinea
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  • Portugal
  • Singapore
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  • Spain
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  • Taiwan
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  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


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We *guarantee to buy back any item at our current selling price. So you could potentially make money selling an item back to us. *We reserve the right to refuse any product(s) that are not in perfect resalable condition or if it is a product we no longer carry.
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We *guarantee to buy back any item at our current selling price. So you could potentially make money selling an item back to us. *We reserve the right to refuse any product(s) that are not in perfect resalable condition or if it is a product we no longer carry.