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The Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar is a beautiful and significant piece of copper craftsmanship.

It weighs 1 kilogram and is made from exceptionally pure copper. Copper, the world's third most used metal, has been essential since ancient times. It continues to play a vital role in various industries today. Collectors often seek copper for diversifying their investments since it is more affordable per ounce than gold or silver. Unlike gold, which has a counter-cyclical nature, copper's value tends to move in line with the overall economy and serves as an economic growth indicator.

Key features:
- Made from 1 kilogram of highly pure copper
- Produced by the Germania Mint
- Includes a hologram on the back and a unique serial number on the front
- The front features the Germania Mint logo, copper purity, weight (1000g), and a serial number
- The back displays only a hologram of the Mint's logo for security against counterfeiting

The Germania Mint's exceptional craftsmanship shines in the creation of this 1 Kilo Copper Bar. It's a stunning addition to any collection and is available for purchase.


Mint MarkNot Shown
ManufacturerGermania Mint
Thickness19.68 mm
Edge DesignSmooth
Packaging TypeBox
Metal Weight32.27 AVDP Ounces
Dimensions115.8 x 55 19.68 mm