1 oz Hammered 999.9 Fine Gold Bullion Bracelet

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Highly-portable 24kt Bullion You Can Wear or store your wealthwith This dazzling 99.99% (24-karat) pure gold bracelet captures the attention of jewelry aficionados and bullion investors alike with its high-gold content and affordable price. Unlike typical gold jewelry, the bracelet is similar in price to standard gold bullion pieces, which are determined by their weight and gold content. The bracelet’s outer diameter measures in at six centimeters x seven centimeters and is 0.5 centimeters thick (Opening measures 2.3 inches by 2.7 inches), an ideal size for wearable wealth. With a simple design, the bracelet is appealing to men and women alike, and each bracelet is hand-crafted making them all one of a kind. Every bracelet is stamped with 9999 to certify its 24-karat gold content.

Gold jewelry has a long history of wearable wealth that dates back thousands of years. Before gold coins were produced, pure gold jewelry often served as a type of currency that could be traded in exchange for goods and services. In modern-day India, gold jewelry takes on the most common form of gold in the country. Pure gold necklaces, bracelets and other varieties of jewelry are much more popular investments than coins or bars. In the past, many people chose to wear their gold for security reasons. Storing gold at home was not as safe as it is today, and thus wearing wealth was the easiest way to make sure investments were protected. Wearing wealth is still a common security measure in some regions around the world.

Produced by Dillon Gage and manufactured in the United States, this gold bracelet is a timeless gift that keeps on giving. Wearable gold can be a valuable gift for younger investors who don’t yet understand the value of gold, but will cherish this elegant heirloom which will last for generations. Every bracelet is shipped in tamper-proof, sealed, hard plastic packaging that certifies the bracelet’s weight and authenticity with an individual certification number.


  • Each bracelet is one troy ounce (1 oz) of 999.9 fine gold (24k)
  • Sealed in a tamper-evident package for security
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Perfect for gift giving or investing
  • Two styles available – smooth or hammered
  • Handmade for individuality
  • Suitable for a man or woman


  • 6 cm x 7 cm outer diameter
  • .5 cm thick

Visible Security

The bracelet is sold in tamper-evident packaging. When the package has been opened, the wording “seal open” becomes Visible around the edge of the back of the packaging.