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10 Dollar Gold Eagle 14K Solid Gold Money Clip

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10 Dollar Gold Eagle 14K Solid Gold Money Clip

This is the Aurista top of the line money clip. A genuine uncirculated US $10 Gold Eagle containing one quarter troy ounce of pure gold is set in a 16.0-gram 14K solid gold money clip of traditional French fold design. The front of the clip has a textured "bark" finish while the back is mirror polished. Initials or several short lines (small font) can be engraved on the back. (Engraved money clips are non returnable). The coin is 8.48 grams of 22K gold to make up its 1/4 Troy oz. of fine gold. Its surface optionally can be protected with Aurista's exclusive LensCote to keep its mint state finish into the next millennium.

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