1/10 oz Gold American Eagle GEM BU (Date of our Choice)

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Random Date. 1986-2016 $5 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle. The Gold American eagle is the official gold bullion coin of the United States, first released for production in 1986.

This coin is released in 4 different size, 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz., and of course 1/10th oz. While the smallest of the 4 sizes, the 1/10th oz. gold coin is made of the same fineness of gold, and bears the same high quality design. It is a legal tender coin, by the authority of the U.S. government. Design of the Random Date Gold Eagle. The gold eagle has a stunning obverse, that actually has classic roots. Back when Theodore Roosevelt was president, he set about to make a new gold coin with a much more impressive design than the current coins. He stated that U.S. coins had become drab and had designs with little meaning. Because of this, he had the artist and sculptor Saint-Gaudens craft a new design for a $20 gold coin, or as we know it, a Double Eagle. upon completion, Teddy looked at the coin and declared it the most beautiful coin ever made! That design was brought back in 1986, when it was struck onto the obverse of the American Gold Eagle. It features a detailed image of Liberty standing, holding a torch. The reverse had more humble beginnings, as it was made specifically for the reverse of the Gold Eagle. It was a highly detailed image of an Eagle flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchling. Over the course of the Gold Eagle’s production, this design has become very popular, and is recognized by almost any coin collector.

Why Add this Random Date $5 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle to your Collection?

Composed of .9167 gold, this coin uses a special gold-copper alloy that makes this small coin more resilient to wear. As well, buying this small amount of gold as well as a random date, keeps the cost of adding 1/10th oz. of gold to your stack at a minimum. Regardless of its price, the coin is just as high quality, and it guaranteed by the U.S. government on weight and purity. Add it to your gold stack today!