Germania Mint 100-gm Copper Cast Bar BU

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Raise The Bar In Your Collection With The Copper Release From The Germania Mint

Copper is a beautiful metal that has served mankind for thousands of years. In fact, from about 10,000 to 5,000 BC it was the ONLY metal known to man. While it may have lost some of its luster as a precious metal, it’s still valuable for its use in generators, appliances, computers, lights, motors, telephone cables, radios, and televisions. It was so valuable that during World War II there was a copper shortage and for a while the United States Mint struck Lincoln Cents in zinc-coated steel instead of copper. Today, as copper prices have reached all-time highs, black markets have sprung up around the world to meet the demand for copper scrap thefts.

Individual Serial-Numbered Copper Bars

Now you can add some copper to your collection thanks to this workmanlike release from the prestigious Germania Mint. It’s a no-frills pure copper bar struck in 100 grams of highly pure 99.99% fine copper! Each Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) bar measures 118.8 mm x 55.8 mm x 19.68 mm. Not only are these hefty chunks of copper engraved with their weight and copper purity, but each has also been engraved with its own individual serial and a Germania Mint hologram to guarantee authenticity. As an additional security measure, a hologram has been applied to the reverse. Each bar will come vacuum-sealed and packaged in a sleek Germania Mint-branded custom box that includes the specifications of the copper bar. Securing copper coins, bars and rounds has always been a sensible way to augment your collection with semi-precious metal. Here’s an opportunity to obtain lots of copper. Order one—or several—of these Germania Mint 100-Gram Copper Cast Bars today!

Year of Issue2022
Mint NameGermania Mint
Coin Weight1000 Grams - g
Weight32.15 Ounces - oz