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Irish Lucky Sixpence (harp) on 20" Neckchain

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Irish Sixpence Coin Mount Necklace, Irish Sixpence accented in 24K gold on .999 silver mounted in a 14K gold filled screwtop bezel with durable 20" IP gold chain, Lenscote protected.

Irish Sixpence Coin Mount Necklace. The lucky Irish Sixpence harp mounted in a 14K gold filled screwtop bezel with 20" durable IP gold chain, this genuine Irish coin is richly accented in AureTone 24K gold on .999 silver and Lenscote protected. Give as a perfect gift for the bride. "...Something borrowed, something blue, and a Sixpence in her shoe".
Certificate of authenticity, uniquely numbered signet and lifetime warranty against defect.

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