MyMint Wallet - Silver (this is NOT physically delivered to you it is stored)

Basic Price: $36.77
Pro Price: $32.77
Your Price: $40.27

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MyMint Wallet – Physically Stored In Our Vault, Digitally Traded In Your Wallet

(Your silver purchase will be added to your MyMint Wallet instantly after checkout, please note this product is NOT shipped to you. You can sell it at any time and instantly use the funds to purchase physical product from the shop)


By the 1 oz of Silver: (No Minimum or Maximum) 

- Retail Customer: $5.75 + silver spot price per oz
- Basic Members: Only $2.25 + silver spot price per oz
- Pro Members: Only $1.50 + silver spot price per oz

(The Sell Price of MyMint Wallet Gold for all customers and members is the current spot price of gold. MintBuilder is charged fees to buy and fees to sell. MyMint Wallet metals are meant to be used as a longer term savings tool.)

PHYSICAL SILVER MEETS DIGITAL BENEFITS… MintBuilder has taken physical silver ownership into the future with MyMint Wallet. This is the most cost-effective and secure way to own silver! This proprietary product provides you with silver access previously dominated by large institutions and banks. You now have direct access to instantly buy, sell or transfer your silver through MyMint Wallet. Unlike ETFs (exchange-traded funds) you will enjoy 100% ownership of pure physical silver that is securely stored in segregated and insured vaults with our partner IDS of Texas.

The benefits of MyMint Wallet are extensive and impressive! Your benefits include…

  • Extremely low premiums especially for wholesale members...
  • Digital tracking for every ounce of silver in real time
  • 100% direct ownership of pure physical silver
  • Secure Vault Storage with NO management or storage fees
  • Fully insured account holdings
  • The ability to Quickly Sell in Real Time and have your funds transferred directly to your bank OR use Your funds to purchase silver and gold from your shop to have physically delivered assets
  • Daily audits to continually ensure each account is properly funded
  • Seeing the value of your precious metals holdings in real time, all the time
  • You can even transfer precious metals from Your Wallet to another member’s Wallet.


100% of your silver purchase is deposited on account as Physical silver in the highly-secure IDS of Texas vaults. You have complete ownership over your silver holdings and with the click of a button can sell at the current market price, have the funds placed into your wallet, use these funds right away to pick the items from your MintBuilder shop and take physical delivery! This allows you to have the flexibility to choose from many different options for physical product delivery. You also have the option to simply have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. We even provide you with the ability to transfer gold and silver to another member/account!

Your MyMint Wallet is the Best way to own the Most amount of silver for the Lowest cost, while keeping your metals safe from confiscation and robbery... In turn, giving you absolute control and flexibility with your wealth! Owning silver has never been so easy and at such low premiums! Be sure to Get Started with MyMint Wallet and start building your Mint TODAY!